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Human civilization has now entered a Genetic Age, which will witness improvements in human functionality comparable in stature to the advances in the Information Age.


Cognitive Genetics is the world’s first genetic cognitive enhancement enterprise, created to uplift human beings into greater states of awareness and cognitive ability.


This purpose is achieved through the application of cognitive physics, a revolutionary new science which applies genetic engineering to optimize human neurology for cognition.


Widespread application of this technology will enrich humankind’s cognitive capital around the world, opening the way to a golden age, and fostering accelerated progress in the humanities, arts and sciences.


The opportunity to lift humanity into universal self-awareness represents a defining moment in the progress of human civilization.  Such a monumental advance will empower a new generation to reach up and bend the arc of history in the direction of expanded freedom, greater wisdom, and more compassion.

Cognitive Genetics’ mission is to enhance awareness and cognitive abilities in healthy individuals.  


Our team is developing advanced cognitive engineering solutions for genetically optimizing human neurology to foster sustainable higher states of awareness and cognition.

Cognitive Genetics builds value by amassing a treasury of intellectual property through innovative research and experimentation.  

Living in higher states of consciousness will be transformative for many people. Accordingly, our team is also develop-ing education and counseling programs to help upgraded individuals translate their newfound awareness into meaningful personal growth.

Cognitive Genetics will anchor an ecosystem of interconnected business, scientific and academic organizations which develop world-class best practices for genetic consciousness engineering science, technology and education.  

Through the fulfillment of our mission, we will contribute to the awakening of humanity.

Cognitive Genetics is committed to achieving excellence in the design and delivery of cognitive enhancement services to produce measurable client results which are verified with psychometric testing.


Our leadership embraces change, encourages innovation, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement, since organizations today must adapt and evolve to thrive in our rapidly-changing world.


Cognitive Genetics shares the rewards of success with our workforce.  Outstanding contributions by managers and employees will be generously rewarded with financial incentives and cognitive upgrades.


We support the principles of cognitive liberty, believing individuals in democratic societies are entitled to the freedom to control their own consciousness and cognitive processes. 


We will sponsor a non-profit organization to manage a cognitive enhancement scholarship fund for deserving underprivileged individuals of high merit, helping to ensure the benefits of cognitive upgrades are shared among people in all levels of society.

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