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Permanent higher consciousness through instant genetic upgrade

Transhuman Consciousness
A new generation of superconscious humans is emerging...
These individuals will:
    Enjoy effortless permanent higher states of being
    Be free from compulsive thinking
    Live in continuous awareness-of-awareness
     ...all day, every day, with zero effort

What if you had twice your current level of awareness, effortlessly, every day for the rest of your life?

Would it enrich your experience of life?                

What if you were fully present in every situation as a conscious, sovereign being?


Would it empower you to make wiser decisions?


Would it benefit your loved ones and co-workers?

Cognitive Engineering

Cognitive Engineering

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Revolutionary Breakthrough

Startling new information has come to light which fundamentally alters our understanding of consciousness.


Permanent higher states of being can be achieved through the application of dramatic new advances in awareness science and genetic engineering.


These scientific breakthroughs have generated an historic new methodology for achieving stable expanded levels of awareness.


Recent dramatic advances in consciousness engineering offer exciting possibilities for today’s awakened young adults.  It is now feasible to genetically engineer higher awareness into human DNA.  

People in their twenties and thirties today could conceivably spend most of their lives in permanent higher states of being.  A new generation of superconscious individuals will form the vanguard of enlightened leadership in the arts and sciences.

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