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The Upgrades


An individual whose awareness is genetically-amplified is called a Gen-I, or simply Geni.  Awareness enhancement will be performed gradually in a series of stages to ensure a manageable rate of change.


Geni candidates will undergo a rigorous program of education and counseling which prepares them for genetic enhancement and for managing life in an elevated state of consciousness.  Graduates who successfully complete the required syllabus are called Primes. They become eligible for genetic upgrades. Currently, 7 levels of upgrades are planned.

Baseline = 1.0 awareness  Level 1 – 1.25  Level 2 – 1.5  Level 3 – 1.75

Level 4 – 2.25  Level 5 – 2.75  Level 6 – 3.25  Level 7 – 4.0

The first 3 levels will raise awareness in relatively small increments to assure individuals can adjust to the changes. As Genis develop greater skill and practice in living in higher states, they will become eligible to proceed to higher levels.  


Genis will realize life-changing benefits in the areas of freedom, wisdom, love and personal evolution.


Higher consciousness leads to greater personal sovereignty and an expanded perspective on life.  Genis will enjoy greater freedom of choice and an enhanced capacity for self-empowerment.



Expanded awareness gives rise to smarter choices and wiser decisions in life.  The enriched spiritual capital which higher states provide also fosters deeper trust and confidence in life.


Greater awareness raises our capacity for love and acceptance, leading to deeper and more rewarding relationships and more tolerance, understanding and compassion.



Living in elevated states of being fosters flexibility and openness in change, which in turn lead to accelerated personal growth.  The higher states also yield a greater understanding of life and the universe.


Continuous awareness-of- awareness enables people to effortlessly remain centered in higher consciousness as they live their lives.  This enhanced cognitive capital generates dividends in grace, poise, inner peace, tranquility, mindfulness, clarity and mental acuity.


Individuals will be tested with brainwave measuring equipment before and after genetic upgrades to quantify and verify their awareness gains in default consciousness and meditation.


Gene therapy will be buttressed by comprehensive education, counseling and community support programs to prepare individuals for genetic upgrades and support them in achieving their goals.  Genetically-enhanced individuals will attend continuing education programs to help them achieve mastery in living in higher consciousness.


Living in higher awareness will be transformative for many people.  Genis may experience positive shifts in personality, outlook, values, openness, relationships, professional interests, and many other areas.  Special counseling programs will help Genis understand and navigate these changes to realize the greatest benefit for themselves, their families, their communities, and humanity.

Prime Syllabus

Prime candidates will receive education and counseling to help them harvest the greatest benefit from expanded awareness and remove any blocks or limitations which might interfere with their progress.


The syllabus focuses on expanding the candidate’s model of the world, opening them up to change, removing obstacles and limitations, and ensuring their life is ready to support a major positive improvement.   It helps candidates to gain a completely positive mental outlook on their upcoming transformation, including the development of supporting attitudes, emotions, beliefs, assumptions, values, expectations, decisions, perceptions, thoughts and feelings.


Applications are being accepted from qualified educators and counselors for positions in the Prime education and counseling programs.  Successful candidates will receive comprehensive professional training and genetic upgrades.

To apply, select "Employment Interview" from the options on the Schedule page.

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