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Cognitive Economics Report

Today’s progressive investors must contend with 3 major business problems facing the cannabis industry which limit the rate of return they can realize from their cannabis portfolios.


1. Legal:  Cannabis’ Schedule 1 status complicates interstate commerce, creates numerous obstacles for banking and prevents cannabis businesses from claiming legitimate tax deductions. 


2. Market:  The cannabis arena demonstrates all the classic characteristics of a mature technology market, including increasing consolidation, intensifying competition, and price erosion. 


3. Investment: Cannabis VCs are often simply acting as community banks; providing low-risk/low-yield loans to farms and Main Street businesses. 

The Cognitive Economics market intelligence report reveals new investment strategies for overcoming these problems and realizing higher yields from portfolios.



Science and neuroscience are making landmark discoveries at a rate unknown in our lifetime or across history.  Genetic high level statements from GWI report.


Consciousness Engineering Trends Report

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