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hyper sapiens (hy' per say pe enz) n :

a genetically-modified human being

with greater conscious awareness

and cognitive capacity.

The Next Step
in Conscious Evolution


Leading futurists predict the Genetic Age dawning today will deliver even greater benefits
to humanity than the Industrial Revolution or the Information Age.  Genetic engineering will enhance human abilities in many ways, including expanding our cognitive capacity.


In a world which is becoming increasingly digitized and automated, human cognitive skills which cannot be reduced to algorithms – such as creativity, imagination, intuition, and emotional intelligence – will become extremely valuable.

A genetic “smart pill” can raise awareness, clarity, focus and mental acuity, supplying a lifelong cognitive boost which can elevate a person’s quality and life and their ability to contribute to society.

Revolutionary Breakthrough

New research has revealed how to use genetic engineering to expand conscious awareness and sharpen mental acuity.  .


Permanent cognitive enhancement can be achieved through the application of dramatic new advances in cognitive science and genetic engineering.


These scientific breakthroughs have generated an historic new methodology for achieving stable expanded levels of awareness and cognitive ability.

"Genomic technology has evolved from the stuff of science fiction to a tangible reality with massive financial implications."

- FORTUNE Magazine


Recent dramatic advances in consciousness engineering offer exciting possibilities for today’s young adults.  It is now feasible to genetically engineer higher cognitive performance and awareness into human DNA.  

People in their twenties today could conceivably spend most of their lives in enriched states of awareness and cognitive ability. A new generation of superconscious individuals can form the vanguard of enlightened leadership in the arts and sciences of tomorrow.

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